Julia & Patrick

Julia and Patrick’s wedding invitation featured extensive custom hand-lettering and custom illustration depicting personal keepsakes, imagery, and antiques. The wedding took place in a local antique shop, and the envelope liners were made of antique wallpaper samples! Illustrations by our very own Liz Merolla.

Spinning Wedding Program | Weddings & Events

We love to create fun pieces like this spinning wedding program. We printed flat sheets then die-cut the pieces using custom dies. Hand-assembly with eyelets finished the programs. We were sure to take care to let the wheel spin freely. It was a great way to show the guests where each event was happening and what time they should be there as well as giving them a fun keepsake to take with them. The design was created by Ezster Rabin (rabbitfootdesign.com).

If you are in need of a custom wedding paper project, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Check out our wedding process here.

Notes: Printed in 2 colors on 250 gsm Stonehenge Warm White with the inner wheel printed in 1 color.

Esch & Hunt Save the Date | Weddings & Events

Every once in a while we are requested to print on non-traditional material. When asked to print a wood veneer save the date, we were skeptical, but anxious to see the results. Wood veneer does not allow for a deep impression, but the uneven surface does create a neat weathered look, showing off the patterns in the woodgrain.

If you are in need of a unique custom wedding piece, check out our wedding process or just get in touch!

Notes: Printed in 1 color on wood veneer in Maple from cardsofwood.com