California Trees, Paintings and Woodcuts | Aaron Johnson

Oil Paintings & Woodcut Prints

Friday | December 9th | 2016
6 – 9 PM

On view : December 2nd – January 27th

Aaron Johnson’s oil paintings and woodcut prints explore the natural world and our human relationships within it. Gestures of California trees draw his eye to their underlying structure and geometry of forms. The paintings use the traditional materials of oil on linen canvas and the woodcuts are printed from multiple woodblocks with a 1947 Vandercook hand press. The process takes patience, but encourages a slower, more contemplative way of looking at the interconnectedness of life.

Aaron studied art at UC Santa Cruz, with a focus on painting, drawing, and printmaking. He gained more printing experience during his years at The Yolla Bolly Press, where he served as the letterpress printer for numerous limited-edition books. Aaron’s studio is in the Live Oak neighborhood of Santa Cruz where he participates in the Open Studios Art Tour each October. His work has been exhibited at Stanford University, Triton Museum of Art, San Diego Museum of Art, and Monterey Museum of Art.

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Celebrating 35 Years Broadsides, Prints & Books | Santa Cruz Printers’ Chappel

Santa Cruz Printers’ Chappel
Celebrating 35 Years
Broadsides, Prints & Books

On view Friday 9.9.16 – Wednesday 10.21.16

The Printers’ Chappel of Santa Cruz first met at the home of book dealer George Kane in the early 1980s. Letterpress printers, bookbinders, papermakers, marblers and book dealers were present to help shape this loose organization of friends and colleagues.

Our first exhibition of the Chappel’s work took place in 1983 at the Art Center in Santa Cruz. Two hundred catalogs with a foreword by William Everson, Santa Cruz’s distinguished poet and master printer, were letterpress printed and produced as a collective effort. Each participant contributed a page representative of their work, and the whole was hand-bound by Chappel members.

In subsequent years the membership shifted and grew but maintained a distinct identity shaped by our location on the northern lip of the Monterey Bay. We mounted gallery exhibitions and hosted many expert visitors at meetings and public talks. Chappel members undertook publishing efforts, accepted commissioned work, offered lectures, and taught printmaking, design, letterpress printing, marbling, binding and the history of the book. The core members stayed in the community maintaining relationships formed at the university.

This exhibition chronicles the work of thirteen longtime members of the Printers’ Chappel of Santa Cruz. It shows the breadth of exploration over more than three decades and celebrates our early work along with the most recent. Our shared history informs our work and illustrates how old friends continue to influence one another over time. We take pride in our 35-year commitment to the book arts.

I’ll Show You How I Got Here, Textile Art | Mansur Nurullah



My works are constructions that are informed by imaginary imagery, the natural environment, architecture, memory, and process. I consider the places that I depict to be the result of my struggle to understand, interpret, and inhabit the complex landscape of the world that I find myself in. My re-imagined landscapes contain zones of refuge, places of disorientation, exposure, and often include helpful navigational cues.

An important part of my practice is the collection of material. I use exclusively discarded material; primarily gleanings from the cutting floors of outdoor equipment producers, but also portions of abandoned and houseless couches, and pieces of upholstery samples I’ve purchased from Scrap. The materials are paired based on how they relate in terms of color, shape, and size. As I connect the pieces, patterns and shapes slowly emerge, providing a sense of direction. The process is largely additive, but portions are often removed to help create volume, or if incongruent.”

Mansur transforms textiles that are bound for the trash into intensely worked collages with a striking sculptural presence.

I’ll Show You How I Got Here
On view 07-01-16 through 09-01-16

Friday | July 8 2016 | 6 – 9 PM
Negative Space Gallery @ Dependable Letterpress
1192 Illinois Street / between 22nd & 23rd

Illustrator Nate Williams | The Beauty of Letterpress

Illustrator Nate Williams designs limited edition print for the Lustig Elements series for The Beauty of Letterpress

(ALPHARETTA, GA — June 19, 2016) The artwork of illustrator and hand letterer Nate Williams is the subject of the second print in the Lustig Elements series for The Beauty of Letterpress by Neenah. Titled Nature is the Answer, the whimsical 11 x 14, letterpressed print pays homage to nature, William’s belief in the importance of staying connected to the simple things, and the Lustig Elements font.
Neenah commissioned the Lustig Elements series in honor of notable design pioneers Alvin Lustig and Elaine Lustig Cohen, and the Lustig Elements font, which was recently revived and completed by Craig Welsh. The first print for the series, titled Lustig Elements Collection, was released earlier this year. All proceeds from the sales of the prints go directly to The Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum.
Williams is an award-winning illustrator, designer, and artist whose playful and optimistic work has captured the eye of clients like UrbanOutfitters, Peet’s Coffee, Target, Cartoon Network and more. His style of combining layered shapes, decorative elements and hand drawn lettering is a perfect setting for weaving in the Lustig Elements font. The horizontal number eight on the right side of the print is from the Lustig Elements font, and is a play on the Williams’ name and online handles, @n8w and
Nature is the Answer was printed by Fabrik, and is available on four different papers: 1) CANALETTO Grana Grossa Cover BIANCO, 2) EAMES™ Cover EAMES WHITE, 3) ESSE® Cover PEARLIZED WHITE, 4) WILD® Cover WHITE. “The paper is the canvas for the art, when you look close you see the subtle qualities of the different textures and finishes, and how each enhances the design in a different way,” says Williams.
These bold, playful, summery prints are sized to fit in a standard 11 x 14 frame. They are available for $25 each and 100% of the proceeds goes to support the efforts of the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum to preserve historic wood type and the art of letterpress printing.

N U D E | A Photographic Study Of The Human Form | Jason Madara & George McCalman

N U D E | A Photographic Study Of The Human Form | Jason Madara & George McCalman share M Studio in the North Building of the AIC and have collaborated since 2014 on a series of photographic portraits called The Individuals Project featuring subjects from various creative communities throughout the Bay Area. The series of nude studies has never been shown before and will be the debut of their artistic collaboration.


What an amazing inaugural show opening here at Negative Space! Thanks to everyone who joined us and made the night such a success. We’re so honored and happy our first show is with our AIC neighbors, George McCalman & Jason Madara! Their epic scale photographs look truly incredible.

Thanks also to The Black Swans for providing a wonderful soundtrack to the evening & Almanac for the delicious beer.