Julia & Patrick

Julia and Patrick’s wedding invitation featured extensive custom hand-lettering and custom illustration depicting personal keepsakes, imagery, and antiques. The wedding took place in a local antique shop, and the envelope liners were made of antique wallpaper samples! Illustrations by our very own Liz Merolla.

Seigaiha (Waves)

This gold foil wedding invitation, printed on a deep navy blue paper, draws inspiration from traditional Japanese design. It is one of the flagship designs in our collection of customizeable luxury wedding invitations, Dependable Weddings; read on to learn a little more about its features and the design process!

design considerations

Jessica, for whom Seigaiha was originally designed, wanted to bring various Japanese elements into her wedding celebration, to honor her heritage. Her bridal gown featured a traditional silk obi, for instance. Her cake was decorated in a delicate pattern of waves, known in Japanese as seigaiha, and she wanted her invitation to echo that same pattern.

The color scheme of gold foil and deep navy is straightforward and classic. For anyone wanting to bring an oceanic theme into their invitations, without going overboard with nautical touches, Seigaiha is a great option. Of course it was designed with the sea in mind, but the formality of the pattern keeps the theme from being overwhelming.

The design for this invitation needed to accommodate an unusually large amount of text on the announcement card. We wanted it to have a certain amount of visual interest, but avoid overly flowery calligraphy. The bride wanted it to be somewhat understated, but not severe or minimalist.

For the couple’s names we chose a font which gave the feeling of brush lettering, without being too wild or casual. The text font, while a sans serif, is a bit more unusual. It features some light curves and idiosyncracies, and has a soft charm.

Judicious use of Digital printing

Rather than being printed in gold foil, the enclosure cards are digitally printed in navy blue on ivory stock. Digital printing is a great option for enclosure cards, especially when different guests receive different combinations of enclosures. Incorporating digital printing alongside letterpress or gold foil, helps when the timeline is aggressive or the budget is constrained. If you only need a small number of rehearsal dinner invitations, for instance, the setup costs of printing in gold foil or letterpress can be prohibited. With thoughtful design, the digital pieces don’t necessarily have to detract from the letterpress or foilstamped portion of the suite. Instead, they can make sure the focus is on the announcement card, highlighting and elevating it.

Flat lay of a wedding invitatin printed in gold foil on navy paper, with a digitally printed envelope liner featuring the Japanese wave pattern Seigaiha

Seigaiha also features an optional, digitally-printed liner with the same wave pattern, rendered in navy blue on ivory stock. The ink and paper of the liners matches the enclosure cards. The way the liner is laid out makes it appear as if the waves are lapping at the top of the envelope flap. This also left room for the original bride’s hanko stamp, which she added herself as the invitations’ finishing touch. The return address is printed in gold foil on the flap, tying the envelopes back to the announcement card.

Shop the Design

Like all the suites in Dependable Weddings, Seigaiha has coordinating designs for thank-you cards and various day-of items, which are available by request.

For more details, and to shop this design as well as our other customizeable wedding invitations, click here. We provide transparent pricing for all of our suites, but if you are interested in further customization don’t hesitate to get in touch. We happily provide quotes for additional customization if desired.

If you, like Jessica, have a specific and detailed vision for your wedding invitations, we can also help bring that vision to life. Click here to learn more about our fully custom wedding services.

This suite was designed by Annemarie Munn of Lady Bones Print Co. for Dependable Letterpress.

Photography by Trista Maja Photography

Burro y Flor

Flat lay of a letterpress wedding invitation suite for a destination wedding in San Miguel Allende. The playful design features watercolor illustrations of papel picado, a burro / donkey, and a colorful bouquet in a tequila bottle. The envelope is lime green with a succulent stamp, and the invitation has pink edge painting.

This is one of our favorite designs in Dependable Weddings, our lineup of customizeable letterpress wedding invitations. Burro y Flor, originally designed for a destination wedding in San Miguel Allende, features digitally printed watercolor illustrations. These include a flower-laden burro, festive papel picado, floral garlands, and a colorful bouquet peeking out of a tequila bottle.

print methods and materials

The text of this wedding invitation is letterpress printed. The use of letterpress lends a level of formality and craftsmanship to the playful design. The typefaces, which are modern and fun, coordinate with the papel picado. The text is printed in light blue, but we can customize the letterpress ink color according to your preference.

Letterpress wedding invitation suite with watercolor illustrations of papel picado, a burro, and a colorful bouquet in a tequila bottle. Lime green envelope, light blue text. Pink edge painting on the invitation.

The watercolor illustrations are digitally printed by a local partner, and are of the highest quality. We work closely with the digital printers to achieve results that we can be proud of. Combining letterpress and digital printing is powerful! Digital printing allows us to use an abundance of colors while remaining affordable, and adding letterpress maintains a timeless, tactile quality. Letterpress printing also allows the fine lines of the text to maintain their integrity even when using a bright, light ink color.

Letterpress wedding invitation with watercolor illustration of a burro / donkey carrying flowers and a floral garland with a yellow flower. Text is light blue, and design is playful. The invitation has pink edge painting.

Because of the digital printing we print this invitation on single-ply cotton paper, whereas we print most of our other letterpress wedding invitations on double-thick paper. However, we can create a double-thick version of this invitation by duplexing (gluing) an additional sheet of paper to the back. Duplexing can be an opportunity to add even more color by using a different color of paper on the back!

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For more details, and to shop this design as well as our other letterpress wedding invitations, click here. We provide transparent pricing for all of our suites, but if you are interested in further customization don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are happy to provide quotes for pieces or add-ons that may not be shown here.

The designs in this suite were created for Dependable Letterpress by Nicole Baker of Foreignspell.

Regal Sunburst

A wedding invitation featuring gold foil in a sunburst pattern, gold calligraphy, deep plum paper, and stamps with the lunar eclipse. The invitation is surrounded by a purple ribbon, orange rose, dried poppy pods and a moonstone ring.

Plum PAPER and gold FOIL: the colors of Wonka, and of Kings and queens

Regal Sunburst, a gold foil and letterpress wedding invitation from our new collection Dependable Weddings, has an interesting set of design inspirations. Originally, we designed it for a client whose wedding inspiration was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the 1971 film starring Gene Wilder). This design inspiration was a bit of a secret – the bride didn’t want the theme to be overt or even identifiable, but she did want to incorporate the rich color palette and dark exuberance of Willy Wonka.

Whenever you’re working with Wonka, gold foil must be involved in the invitation, of course. Even if you don’t include a literal Golden Ticket, you can’t omit gold altogether. Plum references Wonka’s coat, and is the natural choice for a background color. The sunburst pattern tips its hat to the rich, op-art patterns of the Wonkaverse, in particular the iconic tunnel scene. But not so terrifying, of course! After all, a wedding is a joyous occasion!

Plum is also the color of royalty, hence the name “Regal Sunburst.” Especially when paired with gold foil, deep purple lends a feeling of true luxury to the invitation.


Originally, the die-cut window in the invitation was oval shaped. However, almost a year after the design was originally developed, Trista Maja Photography and LB Events were organizing a dark, moody wedding inspiration photoshoot, and needed an invitation suite to go with it. The color palette was exactly right. It coordinated well with the sumptuous decor and overall mood. However, they asked if the oval could be changed to an octagon, to match the octagon-shaped chuppah.

Wedding invitation with gold foil sunburst, plum paper, plum letterpress and blind deboss RSVP, gold calligraphy on plum envelope, and smoke envelope liner

So we traded an octagon window for the oval. We were so happy with the way it turned out that we made it a permanent part of the design! The addition of the smoky envelope liner was also done for this styled shoot.

Getting the Mood Right

Your invitation is your guests’ first taste of your wedding, so it must convey the right mood. For luxurious, offbeat or bohemian weddings, Regal Sunburst makes a serious statement. It’s probably not right for a delicate, feminine affair. Nor would it suit an afternoon garden party. But if your wedding is the kind of party planned around the phases of the moon, this might be the invitation for you. If the bride plans to wear a crown adorned with amythest crystals, or if the groomsmen sport purple silk pocket squares, this invitation is for you.

The styled shoot including Regal Sunburst was featured in Offbeat Bride.

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For more details, and to shop this design as well as our other letterpress wedding invitations, click here. We provide transparent pricing for all of our suites, but if you are interested in further customization don’t hesitate to get in touch. Contact us to inquire about any pieces or add-ons not already on offer, we are happy to provide additional quotes. We can also create fully custom wedding invitation design and printing.

The designs in this suite were created for Dependable Letterpress by Annemarie Munn of Lady Bones Print Co.

Bold Brush

Letterpress and gold foil wedding invitation suite featuring oversized modern brush lettering / calligraphy in gold foil and blush ink, and gray sans serif type. Pink envelope. Arranged in a flat lay with pink sunglasses.

Bold Brush was the very first wedding invitation we decided to include in our new collection of customizeable letterpress invitations, Dependable Weddings. It’s easy see why! With its bold, brush lettered names in gold foil, and slight, minimal letterpress text, it’s a modern classic.

We call this invitation suite “Bold Brush” because the brush-lettering puts what’s important front and center: the couple. The couple’s names occupy more than half the page, and their excitement to wed is palpable. The paper is thick and soft, and accepts the impression from the letterpress beautifully.

Close up of gold foil printing on a letterpress wedding invitation. Photo shows the way the light plays off the metallic gold foil. Gray letterpress print is barely visible in the bottom corner of the photo.

customization options

The original version of this wedding invitation features gold foil, gray letterpress, and blush / rose letterpress on the details and thank you cards. However, for a different look the gold foil can be substituted for ink, or even for blind deboss. Using the same blush ink that appears on the Thank You and Details cards will tie the suite together, but will reduce contrast and therefore reduce a certain level of visual interest. Using blind deboss instead will create a much more subtle, but also fresh and modern look.

Details card for letterpress wedding suite on soft, thick, cotton paper with blush / rose ink for the headers and elegant, modern gray sans serif type for the text.

Bold Brush is suitable for a wide variety of weddings. While perhaps a bit too casual for a black-tie affair, it works well for a cocktail-attire urban wedding, a garden wedding, or a destination / getaway wedding. It’s a festive design that communicates joy. However, it is also clean and minimal overall, not overly playful or irreverent.

shop the design

For more details, and to shop this design as well as our other letterpress wedding invitations, click here. We provide transparent pricing for all of our suites, but if you are interested in further customization don’t hesitate to get in touch. We happily provide quotes for additional customization if desired.

This suite was designed by Nicole Baker of Foreignspell for Dependable Weddings.


Flat lay of a letterpress wedding invitation suite in black and white for a modern black tie wedding.

One of the simplest but most dramatic letterpress wedding invitation suites in our Dependable Weddings collection is Craneway, a modern black-and-white suite. Craneway can be dressed up (with wax seals and silk ribbon) or kept simple. With or without luxury finishing touches, its soft cotton stock, dramatic black letterpress and modern type design really stand out.

Design process

We originally designed this invitation suite for Dillan and Steve’s modern black tie wedding at the Craneway Pavilion. The design balances playfulness with formality, maintains a simple, elegant black and white color palette, and incorporates luxurious touches where possible.

Photo of an assembled letterpress wedding invitation suite wrapped in black silk ribbon with modern, casual hand lettering and traditional block type

We wanted to create a sense of drama and excitement for the recipient, and we took several steps to do so. We made the announcement card oversized, printing it on an A9 sized double thick cotton card, rather than the standard A7 size. The RSVP envelope is black with silver printing, which creates contrast and visual interest. Finally, a wax seal with the couple’s monogram, and a black raw silk ribbon encircling the suite completed the modern black-tie look.

The type design features a playful, modern, but very legible handwritten font for the couple’s names and the headers. We paired it with a more formal, traditional serif typeface in small caps for the text. We made sure to use a font pairing that is uncommon in the letterpress wedding invitation market, so that this suite would feel modern and fresh, despite its simple format.


Most importantly, we paid the highest level of care and attention to the letterpress printing for this suite. Dillan and Steven wanted the text to be as black as possible, while remaining crisp. To achieve this, we paid special attention to ink coverage. Of course, they also wanted to see a deep bite or impression into the bright white paper (as many letterpress clients do)! So we carefully walked the line between creating a deep impression and maintaining the structural integrity of the paper.

Close up of a black and white, modern letterpress wedding invitation showing the texture of the letterpress printing in thick bright white cotton paper

We also assembled, addressed, and mailed this suite. We offer both modern handlettering and formal calligraphy, but in this case we digitally addressed the envelopes. Though not as personal as calligraphy, digital addressing creates a perfect match between the outside and inside of the envelope. The complex assembly for this suite meant that the couple saved significant time by hiring us to complete that portion of the process. Mailing services also really benefit couples who are traveling or moving to a new city in the months leading up to their wedding, like Dillan and Steve.

Rebecca Pfiffner of Be Hitched provided the event design and planning for Dillan and Steve’s wedding, and we worked closely with her in creating the coordinating day-of paper for this wedding.

shop the design

Like all the suites in Dependable Weddings, Craneway has coordinating designs for thank-you cards and various day-of items, which are available by request.

For more details, and to shop this design as well as our other letterpress wedding invitations, click here. We provide transparent pricing for all of our suites, but if you are interested in further customization don’t hesitate to get in touch. We happily provide quotes for additional customization if desired.

This suite was designed by Annemarie Munn of Lady Bones Print Co. for Dependable Letterpress.

Photos by Trista Maja Photography

Finishing: The Painted or Foiled Edge | Paper Story

Edge painting, edge coloring, colored edges; there are many names that describe this process and we have used them all. This process is not new by any means, but we have noticed more and more people are asking for it in the last few months. Edge painting can be matched to an existing color in the design or it can be done with a contrasting tone to add an unexpected pop of color. Finishing processes like this can really add polish to a card design.

This process is often done with engraving ink, which has a matte finish for the non-metallic Pantone colors and a shimmery finish for the metallics. If you’re looking for a very shiny metallic look, foiled edges are the way to go (more on that farther down).

We send out for this process, so it does add to the production turnaround. Below are some examples of business cards with edge painting.

When a shiny metallic finish is needed, foil edging is the best method. We outsource this process as well, so be prepared for longer turnaround. There is a wide range of foil colors available, however gold and silver are by far the most popular. There aren’t many things quite like opening a box of foil-edged cards and seeing a field of metallic staring back at you. Here are some cards with gold foil edging.

Get in touch if you are in need of show-stopping business cards, or check out our wedding invitation designs or custom wedding invitation process.

Notes: Various papers used in the painted-edge stack, Huckabit business cards printed in three colors on 179# Crane Fluorescent White Kid finish cover. Gold-foil edged cards printed in two colors plus gold foil stamping on 110# Crane Lettra Fluorescent White cover.

Javier Garcia Business Cards | Paper Story

Javier Garcia of Javier Garcia Design has written on his own blog talking about the process of designing and printing his letterpress printed business card. Since we could not say it better than he did, we’ll just show you a picture of the finished card and give you a link to his blog post if you’d like to know more.

Notes: Printed in 3 colors on 179# Crane Fluorescent White cover

Spinning Wedding Program | Weddings & Events

We love to create fun pieces like this spinning wedding program. We printed flat sheets then die-cut the pieces using custom dies. Hand-assembly with eyelets finished the programs. We were sure to take care to let the wheel spin freely. It was a great way to show the guests where each event was happening and what time they should be there as well as giving them a fun keepsake to take with them. The design was created by Ezster Rabin (rabbitfootdesign.com).

If you are in need of a custom wedding paper project, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Check out our wedding process here.

Notes: Printed in 2 colors on 250 gsm Stonehenge Warm White with the inner wheel printed in 1 color.

The Hand-Written Print | Weddings & Events

Preparing hand-written or hand-drawn artwork for letterpress printing is not as difficult or intimidating as many may think. Hand-drawn artwork can take on an entirely new charm when letterpress printed, and we have had some great results. Calligraphy is especially pleasing when relief printed. A follow-up post will go into more detail explaining one of the methods to prepare hand-drawn images, but while we put that together, here are some photos to illustrate the type of hand-drawn art that works well for letterpress printing.

Hand-written hand-drawn letterpress invitations

hand-written letterpress wedding invitation detailHand-written calligraphy letterpress wedding invitation

Calligraphy letterpress wedding invitationHand-written letterpress wedding invitation