Heart SF Business Card | Paper Story

Check out the just-opened Heart wine bar on Valencia St near 24th.  It’s a beautiful space and a great new addition to the Mission’s bountiful offerings for food and drink.  Kitchenette is serving food, there is art on the walls… and we printed their business cards.

Notes:  One color printed in two passes, on 110# Lettra Pearl White cover, die cut

Tournesol Wine Label & Stationery | Paper Story

We love working for wineries, in part because the letterpress process is such a great complement to what making wine is about- a traditional craft, an interest in quality over quantity, and an appreciation for having good work to do.  Chanda Williams is one of our favorite designers not only for her beautiful work but because she brings us so many great clients.

Notes:  Printed on Somerset Velvet Soft White 300g printmaking paper

Jonathan Richman Hand-Set Business Cards | Paper Story

We rarely get to use lead type anymore- in this age of desktop typesetting, few designers are comfortable delegating the typesetting to someone else, and hardly anybody remembers the traditional protocols around specifying typesetting.  Nevertheless, on occasion we get to use the type that rests in our cases and it’s always nice to revive the old skills and working processes.  When Jonathan Richman came into the shop to talk about a business card for his side business doing masonry he spotted the type cases and said, “I want that!”

Business card, lead type, hand set

I promised to draft something for him, and later that day began looking through the type for something suitable.  I pulled a galley of type out of the galley case but it was a short galley mixed in with the long ones, so I dropped it, pi-ing an entire galley of 12 pt. Nicholas Cochin.  Was it a sign?  Who knows.  It’s what we used, after several hours of picking up the type and getting it standing on its feet again.  One of these days we’ll distribute that type properly….

Designer: Dependable Letterpress
Client: Arcane Masonry

Black ink on 110# Lettra Ecru cover, printed from hand-set foundry type

Weideman & Wright Wedding Invitation | Weddings & Events

This beautiful wedding suite featured calligraphy and illustration by the groom.  We assisted in formatting the files for printing and resizing artwork to best fit the envelopes.  It was a deeply personal invitation to a special and unique event, ably coordinated by Nicole Sillapere and Rosemary Hattenbach.

Notes:  Printed in three colors on 110# Lettra Pearl White, using matching Lettra Marquis envelopes

Rubber Design Gift Tags | Paper Story

This holiday gift from Rubber Design featured gift paper patterns fashioned from rejected logo designs.  The letterpress-printed gift tags were packaged with offset-printed gift wrap sheets.  This was printed on our Nebiolo cylinder press, which enabled us to get the solid ink coverage on the larger areas in the design over the full 10 x 12″ sheet.

This has been turned into a product available soon from Notion Farm.

Notes:  Two colors plus blind deboss on 110# Crane Lettra Pearl White cover, die cut

Magic Ray and Mystic Pen for Musée Mécanique | Paper Story

The Musée Mécanique is a San Francisco treasure, a private collection of arcade games, folk art animatronic dioramas, fortune telling machines and photo booths.  Don’t miss the world’s only steam powered motorcycle!  We are proud to be the printer for the fortune cards that come out of some of the fortune telling machines.  These historic designs came with the machines, and we replicated the artwork from scans of past printings.

The antique vending machines require cards of a specific thickness in order to vend properly, which means they have to be printed with a letterpress.  The biggest logistical challenge to printing these fortunes is collating the thousands of cards so that the same fortune doesn’t ever get delivered twice in a row.

Milling bases for printing plates

Dan Zelinsky, proprietor of the Musee, milled us some fortune-sized blocks to mount the plates on in the MM machine shop.  We form a Useful Machine Admiration Society, new members are welcome.

Notes:  Two-sided printing on poster board.