Art by George McCalman |

Letterpress Printed

12 x 19 inches

Black & Red Ink

100# Mohawk Superfine Eggshell Text White Paper


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Santa Fe Wedding Suite


This is a great invitation we just did for a wedding in Santa Fe, NM. The color palette obviously evoking Southwestern landscape, the rehearsal dinner, welcome party and day-after brunch invitations layer on top of the ceremony invitation to make this 3-D landscape with big New Mexico clouds above. A single mountainscape drawing was variously cropped for the three layered cards, seen in the fourth picture, which were die cut to fit the shapes. Thanks Sarah and Nick for having us do this for you!

The Smith Family Map


This is one of the most thoughtful projects we’ve been lucky enough to help create. Claire came to us asking for a custom illustrated & letterpress printed map depicting milestones from her parents’ 40 year marriage. She gifted it to them for their anniversary.

Photos & video by Jake Sedlar.

Illustrator Nate Williams | The Beauty of Letterpress

Illustrator Nate Williams designs limited edition print for the Lustig Elements series for The Beauty of Letterpress

(ALPHARETTA, GA — June 19, 2016) The artwork of illustrator and hand letterer Nate Williams is the subject of the second print in the Lustig Elements series for The Beauty of Letterpress by Neenah. Titled Nature is the Answer, the whimsical 11 x 14, letterpressed print pays homage to nature, William’s belief in the importance of staying connected to the simple things, and the Lustig Elements font.
Neenah commissioned the Lustig Elements series in honor of notable design pioneers Alvin Lustig and Elaine Lustig Cohen, and the Lustig Elements font, which was recently revived and completed by Craig Welsh. The first print for the series, titled Lustig Elements Collection, was released earlier this year. All proceeds from the sales of the prints go directly to The Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum.
Williams is an award-winning illustrator, designer, and artist whose playful and optimistic work has captured the eye of clients like UrbanOutfitters, Peet’s Coffee, Target, Cartoon Network and more. His style of combining layered shapes, decorative elements and hand drawn lettering is a perfect setting for weaving in the Lustig Elements font. The horizontal number eight on the right side of the print is from the Lustig Elements font, and is a play on the Williams’ name and online handles, @n8w and
Nature is the Answer was printed by Fabrik, and is available on four different papers: 1) CANALETTO Grana Grossa Cover BIANCO, 2) EAMES™ Cover EAMES WHITE, 3) ESSE® Cover PEARLIZED WHITE, 4) WILD® Cover WHITE. “The paper is the canvas for the art, when you look close you see the subtle qualities of the different textures and finishes, and how each enhances the design in a different way,” says Williams.
These bold, playful, summery prints are sized to fit in a standard 11 x 14 frame. They are available for $25 each and 100% of the proceeds goes to support the efforts of the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum to preserve historic wood type and the art of letterpress printing.

Finishing: The Painted or Foiled Edge

business cards with painted edgesEdge painting, edge coloring, colored edges; there are many names that describe this process and we have used them all. This process is not new by any means, but we have noticed more and more people are asking for it in the last few months. Edge painting can be matched to an existing color in the design or it can be done with a contrasting tone to add an unexpected pop of color. Finishing processes like this can really add polish to a card design.

This process is often done with engraving ink, which has a matte finish for the non-metallic Pantone colors and a shimmery finish for the metallics. If you’re looking for a very shiny metallic look, foiled edges are the way to go (more on that farther down).

We send out for this process, so it does add to the production turnaround. Below are some examples of business cards with edge painting.

business cards with painted edges

When a shiny metallic finish is needed, foil edging is the best method. We outsource this process as well, so be prepared for longer turnaround. There is a wide range of foil colors available, however gold and silver are by far the most popular. There aren’t many things quite like opening a box of foil-edged cards and seeing a field of metallic staring back at you. Here are some cards with gold foil edging.


Notes: Various papers used in the painted-edge stack, Huckabit business cards printed in three colors on 179# Crane Fluorescent White Kid finish cover. Gold-foil edged cards printed in two colors plus gold foil stamping on 110# Crane Lettra Fluorescent White cover.

Javier Garcia

Javier Garcia of Javier Garcia Design has written on his own blog talking about the process of designing and printing his letterpress printed business card. Since we could not say it better than he did, we’ll just show you a picture of the finished card and give you a link to his blog post if you’d like to know more.




Notes: Printed in 3 colors on 179# Crane Fluorescent White cover

Spinning Wedding Program



We love to create fun pieces like this spinning wedding program. We printed flat sheets then die-cut the pieces using custom dies. Hand-assembly with eyelets finished the programs. We were sure to take care to let the wheel spin freely. It was a great way to show the guests where each event was happening and what time they should be there as well as giving them a fun keepsake to take with them. The design was created by Ezster Rabin (

Notes: Printed in 2 colors on 250 gsm Stonehenge Warm White with the inner wheel printed in 1 color.

The Hand-Written Print

Preparing hand-written or hand-drawn artwork for letterpress printing is not as difficult or intimidating as many may think. Hand-drawn artwork can take on an entirely new charm when letterpress printed, and we have had some great results. Calligraphy is especially pleasing when relief printed. A follow-up post will go into more detail explaining one of the methods to prepare hand-drawn images, but while we put that together, here are some photos to illustrate the type of hand-drawn art that works well for letterpress printing.

Hand-written hand-drawn letterpress invitations

hand-written letterpress wedding invitation detailHand-written calligraphy letterpress wedding invitation

Calligraphy letterpress wedding invitationHand-written letterpress wedding invitation

The Blind Deboss

When asked if we offer embossing, we hesitate to say no right away. Often when asking for embossing, people actually mean a blind hit. Embossing is a process that requires a die and a counter die, while a blind deboss is letterpress printing without ink which allows us to use our standard printing plates. While we do not offer embossing in-house, we are happy to out-source this process when combined with letterpress printing. Below are examples of blind debossing.




Kropuenske/Anderson Wedding Invitation

Green and grey modern leaves letterpress wedding invitation

Green and grey modern leaves letterpress wedding invitation detail

Becky Chan of Honey and Bloom designed this beautifully modern invitation suite. The solid green leaves were achieved by double-inking the green plate. This bright green and warm grey color combination has become a favorite around the shop.

Notes: Printed in 2 colors on 220# Crane Lettra Pearl White paper with matching printed Lettra envelope